Our Minister
Reverend John Nugent
Church Organist and
      Leader of the Choir
Mrs Ruth Ferguson
Martin Duffy
The constitution of our church provides for a Kirk Session made up of the Minister and
Elders who together regulate all religious matters pertaining to our church while all secular issues are managed by our Congregational Board, made up of elected members from our congregation.   It was a decision of the two former congregations that formed Wick St Fergus on the union, from 3rd April 2009 (the date of the union) as most appropriate for the future regulation of the united congregations.
There are two sub committees of the Congregational Board, the Stewardship and Fabric Committees, which respectively deal with fundraising and community outreach and practical matters relating to our building and its contents.
Election to the Congregational Board is by the congregation at the Annual General Meeting and we are fortunate to have willing members with diverse skills to serve on the Board and its committees.  Elders are appointed by the Kirk Session.
See below information about some of the key people of our church and their roles.

Church Treasurer
John Nugent B.D. Hons. came to Wick as a locum for two weeks in January 2009 shortly before the union of Wick Bridge Street Church and Wick Old Parish Church on 3rd April 2009 to form Wick St Fergus Church.  He stayed on.
Prior to the call to this charge he worked in the Ministry of God's Word in Germany, Orkney, at Camas Outdoor Centre, Ross of Mull.  He is an associate member of the Iona Community.
John is a keen musician and his guitar and other string instruments, and Christian songs from parts of Africa are often featured in the services he leads at Wick St Fergus Church
Our Session Clerk
Born in Largs, Ayrshire where she studied music at Ardrossan Academy Ruth Ferguson first learned to play the organ and at the tender age of 14 she became church organist and choir mistress and accompanist for three school choirs and two orchestras. She has been church organist since arriving in Wick in 1970.
The choir of Wick St Fergus Church under her leadership are excellent all rounders, with a varied repertoire including songs from the 40s and 50s and even on the topic of food. 
She has a colourful and varied shoe collection.

Martin Duffy is responsible for Wick St Fergus finances.  His duties include -
Ensuring policies comply with OSCR regulations,
preparing accounts at the year end prior to presenting them for audit, setting a yearly budget and maintaining smooth running of all church finances and money handling procedures.

Our Constitution
Alan Sinclair
Alan Sinclair is Chairperson to the Congregational Board and Trustee, the Stewardship Committee Convenor (role shared with Harry Gray) and the Gift Aid Convenor.
Mrs Elizabeth Henderson
Elizabeth Henderson has been Clerk to the
Congregational Board since the Union in 2009, having been re-elected each 3 years after by the Board members.  The Clerk deals with all correspondence for the Board, calls meetings, sends Agendas, takes and distributes Minutes and has to be as knowledgeable as possible of all Rules and Regulations of the Church of Scotland, particularly in regard to property and finance, keeping up with changes after each General Assembly. 
Harry Gray
Harry Gray has a lifelong association with our church and was ordained as an elder in 1964.   He wears many hats in his service to our congregation including membership of the Kirk Session, Congregational Board and as minute secretary and chair of the Stewardship Committe for half the year, sharing that latter post with Alan Sinclair. Every Sunday he creates and projects images appropriate to the service and upcoming events. A local historian of repute he is active in helping the church archivist maintain records of our church. 
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Kathleen Robertson has been our Session Clerk since February 2018.  Faith and service have been a strong presence in Kathleen's life inclduding her having been a minister's wife with all that entails both in Scotland and in Princes Town, Trinidad where the congregation grew during her late husband's tenure.
A long-time member of Wick St Fergus choir, renowned for a ready sense of humour, she embraces a role which includes being first point of contact for our church, signposting inquirers and arranging pulpit supply when the minister is away.

Mrs Kathleen Robertson